As a paid intern for Blackboard, an international education technology corporation, I was asked to work collaboratively with another designer who created the website for the Muhlenberg School District (Pa), a local system of five schools.  I worked to create breakpoints which enabled the site to be completely mobile responsive, and also ADA compliant.


Usability, as well as user consistency, were considered two of the top priorities for these breakpoints.  I was asked to work within the specifications of the underlying technology at Blackboard to ensure these breakpoints would function appropriately, once they were moved into the development phase. This was an exercise in thoughtful reduction --- deciding which elements needed to be moved, or removed, while keeping in mind the consistency of the site, and the goal of maximizing the user’s experience. 

Additionally, I was also asked to add "color" to Blackboard's Community Engagement Resource website for schools in the K-12 spectrum. To this end, I created 15-20 illustrations to better help clients navigate different pages within the site. Some of these illustrations are below.